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My look at the first RebootDevelop conf.

Apr 292014


First ever RebootDevelop is over and I'm back in Split, ready to finish and finally release Tremors Mega Magnitude.

This weekend was crazy. I had barely any sleep but it was worth it. I met devs from countries in the region who make all kinds of cool games and also got to talk with some old friends as well.

The talks were good but the topics were all over the place which meant that there was something for everyone, but also that some of the talks weren't exactly useful for me.

I'd like to mention some cool games I got to play.

I'd like to congratulate the team (LGM Games) behind this soon to be released space adventure Starpoint Gemini 2 - they won the RebootDevelop Indie game award. The team is passionate and their game looks amazing. I only got to try it for a few minutes but I can't wait to play more. They even have Oculus Rift support which is awesome although there are still some improvements to be made in that area.

Underrail is a retro surprise for all Fallout fans. It's a turn based RPG with a great atmosphere, be sure to keep an eye on it.

Our neighbors from Slovenia, Dawn of Play presented their super polished, soon to be available mobile game Furries.

Awakening of Heroes - a MOBA game with cute graphics and support for iOS devices, it was nice to see and try it out and if you want you can register for alpha access at the official website.

After their successful Kickstarter campaign the Ironward team is hard at work to finish their first title - The Red Solstice. It looks and plays great, but I was unable to fully try it since the LAN connection wasn't available. Luckly, the demo is available at their site.


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