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Mega Magnitude is now available!

Mar 052015


I am proud to announce that Mega Magnitude is finally available!

The project was shelved when it was almost finished and it looked like it would never see the light of day.

However, after an inquiry from the awesome community on the OUYAforum.com I decided to make a push for that final missing bit and publish the game.

So if you own an OUYA console, you can now get Mega Magnitude for free from the DISCOVER store.

More screenshots are available on the Mega Magnitude homepage.

Have fun!

Mega Magnitude progress - almost feature complete

May 232014


Release day is getting closer and pieces are falling into place in the last couple of weeks. In terms of programming features, the game is mostly done. Gameplay, various obstacles, ending, upgrades, objectives, menus, purchase process... all done.

I've also been doing some optimization tasks which are never fun but are still important. Now I'm mostly polishing things up and testing.

Graphics are in need of a major overhaul, but I'm next to useless in that area. Luckly Antonio, awesome artist, master of the atmosphere and half of indie dev studio Bitserum, offered his help, so thanks to him Mega Magnitude is going to look beautiful soon.

I'm posting this screenshot of Mega Magnitude in its current state so that you can point and laugh at it later when Antonio does his magic.

Mega Magnitude - and game ending(s)

May 052014


As you might already be aware, Mega Magnitude is NOT an endless runner, so this week I finished implementing the game's end cut scene and with that done, Mega Magnitude is one step closer to release.

I actually dislike endless games, so even though it might look or in a way play like one - the main focus of Mega Magnitude will always be the goal of escaping the collapsing building.

If there's demand for it I might add an endless mode, but it's not something I'd personally enjoy playing.

Also, there may or may not be an additional, hidden, ending(s) in there ;)

Announcing Mega Magnitude

Apr 212014


I am happy to announce a new game - Mega Magnitude
Those following my projects closely will notice that Mega Magnitude looks familiar and they aren't wrong because Mega Magnitude is a game formerly known as Tremors.

Mega Magnitude is a physics based apocalyptic action survival game in which you must escape from a collapsing building.

Well that's what it seems and plays like, but there's a deeper story behind the events happening.

The name change happened because several people commented that they thought my game was about a movie with the same name, even though it has nothing to do with it.

I liked the name Tremors but for the sake of clarity I decided to change it and I think it's even better.
With a new name I also created a new website for the game and this new blog that will cover all of my games past, present and future.

There's still some work to do so it's time to wrap this post up.
RebootDevelop conference is next week so next update is coming soon.


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