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My look at To the Moon

May 292014


To the Moon has a great story and nice music. Graphics are nice to look at too.

That's the only good thing I can say about it really.
Great story is not enough for a game that lasts a couple of hours. Not for me. There has to be more to a game than a good story for me to enjoy it.
I can't even enjoy the story when the gameplay is so boring it makes me want to break something.

The game is about two agents who help a dying man fulfill his wish to go to the Moon. They do so by hooking the man and themselves to a machine that allows them to travel inside the man's memories. There, our duo is changing bits and pieces of the memories to make him motivated enough to go to the Moon. In the process you learn everything there is to know about this man, his whole story.

As interesting as it may sound, in practice it is tedious. Sadly, this whole game is basically one giant cut scene you need to click through.
There is some walking and a few pretty weak puzzles but 95% of the time you just click through the dialogues you can't control.
Playing this game makes me feel like watching a movie that has a good plot, but is an hour too long, so you can't wait for it to finish.
Unfortunately, you can't only watch this, you need to click to move the dialogue forward and I guess that's what kept me awake during my playthrough.

The interface also felt clunky at times and it didn't always respond in the way I expected.

I knew what this game was before I started playing and I still ended up disappointed.
It's a great story ruined by weak gameplay.

Why do I still even hope to like one of these story games?
Here's why. I love old school Lucas Arts adventure games and I think with some clever game mechanics and interesting characters, I could love these new games too.


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