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Announcing Mega Magnitude

Apr 212014


I am happy to announce a new game - Mega Magnitude
Those following my projects closely will notice that Mega Magnitude looks familiar and they aren't wrong because Mega Magnitude is a game formerly known as Tremors.

Mega Magnitude is a physics based apocalyptic action survival game in which you must escape from a collapsing building.

Well that's what it seems and plays like, but there's a deeper story behind the events happening.

The name change happened because several people commented that they thought my game was about a movie with the same name, even though it has nothing to do with it.

I liked the name Tremors but for the sake of clarity I decided to change it and I think it's even better.
With a new name I also created a new website for the game and this new blog that will cover all of my games past, present and future.

There's still some work to do so it's time to wrap this post up.
RebootDevelop conference is next week so next update is coming soon.


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