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Mega Magnitude is now available!

Mar 052015


I am proud to announce that Mega Magnitude is finally available!

The project was shelved when it was almost finished and it looked like it would never see the light of day.

However, after an inquiry from the awesome community on the OUYAforum.com I decided to make a push for that final missing bit and publish the game.

So if you own an OUYA console, you can now get Mega Magnitude for free from the DISCOVER store.

More screenshots are available on the Mega Magnitude homepage.

Have fun!

Cloudfall: Night's Tale

Dec 032014


Cloudfall: Night's Tale is an exploration puzzle game about a young cloud that wanders into the forbidden, mysterious world of Cloudfall, where it will discover powerful abilities that will change the world around it. That power, however, comes at a price.

I'm happy to announce this new project Antonio and I are working on, now under the name Mood Oven. It's still in an early phase of development but we've already shown the playable demo at the Reboot InfoGamer show last month in Zagreb and reactions from the audience were overwhelmingly positive, which made us proud and motivated.

sIPXgames was there and wrote a beautiful article about our game :)

Our primary platforms are Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Other platforms will be known when the project is further into development.

We expect the game to be ready towards the end of 2015.

Until next time, I leave you with this screenshot


Sticky Tower is now available!

Sep 212014


Sticky Tower is now available for Windows Phone 8 and Android devices!

Climb the sticky tower as high as you can while you avoid spikes, laser beams and other dangers.

The higher you tap, the higher you jump! It's deceptively simple.

Practice makes perfect, so keep playing and your score will keep improving because Sticky Tower is all about skill... and deadly traps, obviously.

Sticky Tower is also fair, which means that it's carefully balanced so that you can get out of any situation.


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